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2 quick things this weekend - January 11th
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2 quick things this weekend going on through the Dallas Episcopal Young Adult Community:

Greetings from Canterbury!!! A quick message for everyone who is back in the Dallas Area: We are having two things tomorrow (Jan. 11th) for those who can make it.

1. We will be gathering for DINNER tomorrow [Sunday] at 6:30pm at Campisis Pizza on
Mockingbird. Canterbury will be hosting, so free pizza.

2. After that we will be going to a MOVIE at the Angelika Film Center on
Mockingbird. The movie is "Milk" and it starts at 7:45pm. Unlike food, you will need
to pay for your own movie. For those who wish, we will discuss the movie afterward.

You are welcome to come to one, two, or all three of these things. If you need any
directions or help, text or call Nate: 214-505-9859.

May Christ fill your life,
Nate Bostian
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