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Cheap Eats
What's Happening in Dallas
Written by Wade Wiles   

D magazine has a great article where to eat for less:

 Global economic crisis got you freaked? Have you unwound all your deals and cashed out of the hedge fund yet? Yeah, us neither. We’re doing just fine, thank you. But still. In deference to those who really are hurting, it seems bad form to order the dry-aged Kobe tenderloin topped with foamed foie gras. Now’s not the time for ostentation. So here are a few frugal suggestions for dining out. You know, for appearances’ sake.

Everyone thinks tiny Seabose in Carrollton is his own undiscovered secret. If so, that’s not true anymore. Spicy tuna rolls are $4.50 ($7.50 at Nobu), and tuna nigiri is a bargain at $2. Vegetarians can order avocado cucumber rolls for $2.99 and tamago (omelet) nigiri for $1.50.

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