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Behold! Facebook Gives Birth to the Retrosexual by Claire Suddath
Everything about being Single
Written by Charlotte   

I can see how Facebook reunites people. I went to a Facebook high school reunion over a month ago, and enjoyed seeing people I hadn't run into in years. I liked it better than my 10 year reunion, but then again I had just filed for divorce.  I have reunited with my first real boyfriend in high school and with Mr. Hot n Heavy in college through FB. My ego got a boost from these guys seeking me out. So I can see how FB could reunite old flames, crushes and steadies.  This article was published in the September 21st Time magazine issue.


Elise Garber married the first boy she ever kissed. She met him at an Outward Bound--style summer-camp program when she was 15, she "sort of dated" him for the summer, and then, like most teenage romances, it ended. Twenty-two years later, they met again on Facebook.

"I don't know why I looked him up," says the 37-year-old former advertising-agency executive in Chicago. Garber was showing a co-worker how Facebook works, and to demonstrate the search function--a feature that allows users to search for the names of people they know--she entered Harlan Robins, the name of the first boy she kissed. At the prodding of her co-worker, Garber sent Robins a message. And then she waited. Would he respond? Would he accept her friend request? Was it weird to contact an old summer-camp boyfriend?

As Facebook users have begun to skew older--the website is now as popular with 30-, 40- and 50-somethings as with the college students who pioneered it--they have found ways to reconnect with one another. And who better to get in touch with than an old flame? "Facebook makes it easier for you to take that first step of finding someone again," explains Rainer Romero-Canyas, a psychology research scientist at Columbia University. "It has finally provided a way for people to reach out to someone without fear of rejection."

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