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Japanese Story
Reel Theology
Aha! I cleaned out my car and found notes from Januarys Reel Theology, which is odd because Kristin drove me to Dans house. Oy vey!
This movie is about a clash of cultures, adultery, marginalized grief and death. We probably had more questions than answers, feel free to answer our questions in the comment section.

The movie starts off with death and ends in death. Our heroine, Sandy,has a problem with death. She would rather just ignore it than confront it face on. Okay, she is a geologist and she is taking a Japanese man on a tour of Australia. She has to drive him, and when she picks him up at the airport 1) she is very late and 2) she doesnt give him her business card indentifying her as a geologist. He thinks she is just the driver so he treats her with the same contempt she treats him. She didnt want to have to chauffer him around the country but her business partner needed to be in town so she got stuck with this duty. So we wondered if she had shown him the cultural ettiquette he was expecting, how would the time she spent with him been different. The golden rule when working with people from other nationalities is do unto others as they would have done to themselves. NOt do unto others as you would have done to you. So she takes his business card and stuffs it into her pocket, instead of looking over his card and fussing over it. Sounds like a small thing to do, but its really a big deal to this guy. Bow, bow lower, honor the man...but she didnt know to do that.

Adultery - do you love your wife? if you dont say it,its not true. the adultry is no so true or not so real if he doesnt say he loves his wife.

Was his death a punishment for his (thier) sins?

She has to deal with his death out in the isolation.
Whats going on in her head? She is isolated in the country as well as isolated in her grief. No one knows of her true relationship with this man, they think it is just a business relationship.

When Sandy apologizes to his wife, is she apologizes for the adultery, his death or both?

is this attachment without commitment?

He kept calling the desert "dessert"
She looked right through him in the "dessert"
his ignorance of the desert almost killed them both in the desert not God. It was his ignorance that almost got them killed.


connected yet isolated with each other.

you think you can avoid it...death comes

bonding through escaping death in dessert and then sex. if no sex, guilt wouldnt have been so intense when he died.

the married woman/wife forgave Sandys infidelty

touch - reach out, to connect

He became affectionate towards Sandy when they made love the 2nd time. He became enlightened?

She was dominant especially when lovemaking. She wore his pants the first time they had sex. What is up with that. NO one seemed to know the symbolism for that. IF anyone knows will they please explain it to me? He submitted to her dominancy. Thats a first, women are subordinate to men in most cultures.

The theological themes we found in the movie were forgiveness in the form of the gracious wife, isolation, death, love and connecting.

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