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Solo Flight: The Art of Loving
Episcopal/Anglican stuff
I got the new brochure for Solo Flight 2005: The Art of Loving in the mail this weekend!!!
Just in case you didnt know, Solo Flight is the national Episcopal conference for adults who are single. It has been held at Kanuga Conference Center in beautiful Hendersonville NC for the past 15 years. I keep praying that someday soon well get the opportunity to host a Solo Flight in Dallas.

Come be a part of a national network for community, nurture and advocacy!

The keynote speaker this year is the Rev. Zelda Kennedy, the Associate for Pastoral Care at All Saints Episcopal church in Pasadena California. The theme for this years Solo Flight is the "Art of Loving"
The first and most important question any person can ask is "How can I become a more loving human being?" says author Sam Keen. The question has never been more important in our world than it is today. We believe seasons of singleness provide opportunities for understanding the varieties of love that might give all lives greater meaning and dignity; for understanding that to love is an art that needs to be developed and practiced over a lifetime. Our conference will focus on the attitude and action of love that is within our power - a collection of behaviors and skills that may be cultivated; the carefully crafted exericise of compassion, kindness and wholehearted and wholeheaded passion that the world needs now, and the experience of singularity can help cultivate: The Art of Loving.

Conference highlight includes the "Liturgy of healing and wholenss adn Blessing of Singularity" even our most orthodox Anglo-Catholic webmaster approves of this service. I believe this is one of the most meaningful and spiriitual services you will ever attend.

Mark your calendars now for Solo Flight, Sept. 2-5 (Labor Day weekend) at Kanuga Conference Centers. Book your airfare now for inexpensive flights and your $50 registration fee will hold your spot for the Labor Day conference so dont delay in sending in your registration. The conference costs only $385 including all meals, program, use of recreational facilities, and double occupancy lodging)

Scholarships? Each Episcopal Bishop is annually asked to fund the participation of four categories of single adults: young adults (post formal education through early 30s), always single, divorced, and widowed. Please contact your bishop about financial assistance.

for more info contact
Offices of Solo Flight: Catch the Vision
St. Peters Episcopal Church
P.O. Box 27
Paris Kentucky 40362

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Kay Collier McLaughlin, founder

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it David Perkins

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Assistant Director/facilitator

also check out our photo gallery for the past 4 years of Solo Flight
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