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Michael Crichtons State of Fear Review

I really enjoy Michael Crichton’s novels. I know when I pick up one of his novels, I am in for a treat. This novel certainly didn’t let me down. When Crichton writes a book, he usually has a message within it, an underlying truth. In this book, he has written a book about mankind, our arrogance, government and media’s manipulation over the average person, politicized science, the manipulation of scientific data, and Green zealots. The author asks you to stretch your mind about the “evidence” presented to us daily in the news about the environment. This novel will probably make some eco-friendly, environmentalists mad, however it shows how “scientific” data can become skewed through research dollars. In the appendix he explains himself and what
This book is more than just a fun romp through the science of weather and the changes of weather by the green house effect. It actually shows the reader through scientific data and pages of bibliography what our scientists have learned about the “greenhouse” effect.
I purchased this book to read on my way home from Atlanta, GA. I hate to fly and anything that distracts me from taking off and falling from the sky is a real help to my nerves. It took me a few days to get through it as it is over 600 pages of tiny paperback print. The plot is exciting as our protagonist’s race across the earth from Los Angeles to Antarctica to Arizona and then to the Solomon Islands (apparently the natives of the Solomon Islands are not as friendly to tourists as the people of Aruba, Sint Maarten, they really do want a piece of you.) I don’t want to give away the ending to this book or let you know who the antagonist is but I will say some of the bad guys are trying to simulate devastating weather related conditions, like flash floods, tsunamis, etc with the intention of blaming it on the greenhouse effect. The polar cap is melting, the polar cap is melting, yeah in 1000 years.
The Chicago Tribune describes this books as a thriller with social intent beyond that of mere entertainment, in the tradition of the Day of the Jackal and the e Wall Street Journal likens it to the Da Vinci Code with real facts, violent storms and a different kind of faith altogether…every bit as informative as it is entertaining. I have to agree with both newspapers. Read it and learn something from it, read it and enjoy the ride.

State of Fear is published by Avon, a division of HarperCollins Publishing, New York, New York, published Dec. 2004.

USA $7.99

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