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The Oath - Frank Peretti
The Oath written by Frank Peretti published in 1995 by Word Publishing Dallas

Like Frank Peritt’s other books, I had a hard time putting this mystery thriller down. I stayed up late two nights in a row just to read it.

The book starts off with a woman running through the woods bloodied and scared out of her mind. And takes the reader on a wild ride filled with death, cheating, adultery, gossip, thievery, the whole gamut of the human condition. If the reader didn’t know that Perritti writes Christian books, you’d never know until the end of the book. He does a great job explaining sin and its hold on a person. This book shows an entire town in the Pacific Northwest caught in a web of lies and sin and the consequences of sin. In this case, what has started off as a pet lizard has turned into a fire breathing dragon. He shows how sin causes your heart to become corrupted and sickly. I don’t want to say too much about the book, except pick it up and read it on a day when you don’t have many interruptions because you won’t want to readily put it down.

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isbn: 0-8499-1178-8
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