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Dona Rosarios Cafe
When Starbucks first came to town, I chose not to patronize the establishment. I wanted to purchase from local vendors, but I finally broke down and I became hooked to good coffee. Im not sure Im as addicted to coffee as I once was, yknow at least one grande mocha latte in the morning and a couple of cups of java sprinkled throughout the day. Its no small wonder I have any cuticles or fingernails left.
A couple of years ago, the singles commission had a coffee/latte both at our diocesan convention when it was held at St. Anns Desoto. This was inspired by the previous years convention held in Texarkana, several miles away from any coffee house. We decided not to purchase Starbucks coffee but mission coffee we had discovered at Church of the Incarnations bookstore. We had the best coffee in the area. It kept me up almost all night long. What a jolt! And it tasted very smooth.

Since then Ive been drinking mainly Starbucks coffee in my Saeco. I ran out of the Italian Roast the other day and decided to replace it while I was visiting the Incarnation bookstore. The only beans they had were Dona Rosarios light beans in the red bag. The dark roast is already ground. I took it back home and it was love at first sip. This was the coffee I had been missing for two years. Smooth, light - add some half & half and drink it up.
You can even feel good about drinking this coffee because every purchase helps the people of Santa Cruz, Honduras. According to the Church of the Incarnation, you are contributing to the Honduras mission - working in partnership with the people of Santa Cruz Arriba to improve thier lives through spritual growth, improved education, better health, job opportunities, and community development. The coffee is grown in the highest spots in the country and is custom roasted by the Addison Coffee Roasters.
You can only get this truly great coffee at Church of the Incarnation bookstore, a 1 pound bag of organic lightly roasted beans costs only $10. So not only do you good a great cup of java but you are helping someone help themselves.

If you are not in Dallas and would like it shipped to you talk to either Charlotte Rundell or Dusty Matthews in the Bookstore. Tell them you read about it here.
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