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Divorce and School Performance Linked - Kim Trobee
Single Parenting
I cant help but wonder how biased this article is towards divorced familiies. What about children who are in emotional abusive families which have an intact marriage, do thier scores reflect the abuse or are thier scores higher than children of divorce? Questioningly, The Elf

September 30, 2005
Family News in Focus
Divorce and School Performance Linked
by Kim Trobee

Keeping your home intact can help your child in school.

Giving kids a jump on school starts at home. According to social science, children whose parents remain married retain higher GPAs and have higher
rates of attendance than their counterparts from divorced families. JOHN CROUCH is the Director of Americans for Divorce Reform. Hes devoted his
life to strengthening families through legal reform of divorce. Crouch says informed thinking has really turned around in the last 20 years.
Every Other Weekend - Barbara Schiller
Single Parenting
From the pages of Christian Parenting Today, Nov/Dec 1999

Single Parenting by Barbara Schiller

Every Other Weekend

Sharing the children is never easy

I watched my old friend Doug eat another bite of his hamburger. He sure was intense. "Barbara, we are at opposite ends of the spectrum. You have your kids all the time and I see mine every other weekend and one day during the week. I envy you."

"Isn’t life weird, Doug?" I responded. "I envy you sometimes! The fantasy of having a whole weekend to myself sounds so heavenly. To have time for me and the freedom to do what I want when I want … " Doug rolled his eyes. "Yeah, well, try it as a way of life. I feel so detatched from the daily lives of my two kids. I don’t have the opportunity to participate in their daily activities, especially school."
Single Parenting
I have to warn you that although this is about single parenting it is a very pro-marriage piece, however it is pertinent to our site.

John Leo
September 26, 2005

It took the media a while to acknowledge that most of Katrinas victims were black. Apparently, it will take longer to mention that most of the victims
were women and children. I noticed three commentators who brought up the delicate subject of the mostly missing males--George Will, Gary Bauer, and Thomas Bray, a columnist for the Detroit News. Will noted that 76 percent of births to Louisianas African-Americans are to unmarried women, and probably more than 80 percent in New Orleans, since that is the usual estimate in other inner cities. Will wrote: "That translates into a large and constantly renewed cohort of lightly parented adolescent males, and that translates into chaos, in neighborhoods and schools, come rain or come shine."
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