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Solo Son - Lisa Ann Cockrel for Todays Christian Women
Single Parenting
Solo Son
Donald Miller, best-selling author of Blue Like Jazz, reckons with his fatherless childhood—and offers hope for single moms and their sons.
Lisa Ann Cockrel

Among the few memories Donald Miller has of his dad is the Christmas Eve he showed up on the back porch with a garbage bag full of unwrapped toys. Then there was a lunch or two. Thats it. Donald Miller grew up in a world of women—his mother, sister, and a nearby aunt.

Donald is 34 now, but this best-selling author of Blue Like Jazz has much in common with the current generation of young boys, 40 percent of whom, according to a recent Newsweek report, are being raised without their biological dad. In his latest book, To Own a Dragon (NavPress), Donald explores the unique challenges of a fatherless boyhood. Written with friend and mentor John MacMurray, the memoir vividly depicts the emotional and psychological ramifications of being fatherless and provides snapshots of people who helped him grasp what it means to be a "real" man and accept the love of God the Son
Modern Day Magi - Barbara Schiller
Single Parenting
Modern-Day Magi
In every season of life there is a time to give and a time to receive

I could barely hear her voice over the phone, but I knew she was crying. "Joan*, are the holidays getting to you?" I asked. She meekly replied, "Theres just not enough of me to go around. Im working three jobs, but the kids arent going to have much of a Christmas this year."

Joan had struggled to raise five children alone for the past several years. My heart broke as I listened to her; I knew too well the desperation she was feeling. Even though it had been 15 years since I was on welfare, the painful memories came rushing back. I could easily recall the dread that came each holiday season, wondering how wed ever find enough money for food and clothes, much less gifts.
Single Parenting

Studies Show Importance of Stable Family Structure

NEW YORK, JUNE 3, 2006 ( Changes in family structures have
placed many children in difficulties. In a nutshell this is the argument of two studies released March 30 by the Institute for American Values. The studies, both authored by Norval Glenn and Thomas Sylvester, are based on an examination of articles published in the Journal of Marriage and Family from 1977 to 2002.
Think Partnered Parenting Is Hard? Try Going Solo - Lori Gottlieb
Single Parenting
Think Partnered Parenting Is Hard? Try Going Solo
by Lori Gottlieb

All Things Considered, March 29, 2006 · Commentator Lori Gottlieb is a single mother. Most of her friends who are moms are married. And thats where the trouble begins. Gottlieb is tired of hearing them whine about how awful their husbands are.
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