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Suggestions from Singles on How To Survive Valentines Day
Everything about being Single
Its one thing to say Valentines Day is a just an obscure bleep on the Christian calendar. What are we really celebrating...chocolate...roses... the commercialism of another holiday where we have forgotten what Valentines Day commerates.

Single adults from around the country share how they celebrate Valentines without a significant other.

pick out some special friend (male or female,
old or young, sick or well) and send them a
valentine of love and concern. People who love
another are not necessarily "two-by-two". Otherwise just let it be Feb. 14 and enjoy the Pennys catalogue. JB

Baby Mama?
Everything about being Single
So whos your baby now?

Changing a culture through marriage
Gregory Kane
Baltimore Sun
Feb 18, 2006

When Laneisha Drafts tells people about the father of her child, shell be able to call him "my husband."

When Duane Drafts talks about the mother of his child, hell refer to her as "my wife."

Now if youre thinking thats as it should be, youre right. If youre thinking thats the way it is, then oh how wrong you are.

In todays America, the culture has accepted the terms "baby mama" and "baby daddy." The former is used by guys who have a child by a woman they didnt and probably wont marry. Women similarly situated use the latter term.
Everything about being Single

ŒSex and the City¹ lifestyle not all it¹s cracked up to be
The Daily Nebraskan
By Marco Brown**
February 22, 2006

Few shows have imbued themselves into the American psyche like ³Sex and the City.² Politicians courted ³Sex and the City² voters in the 2004 presidential race. Box sets, complete in pink, sell for $300. Pamela Anderson recently complained her ³Stacked² wardrobe was too ³sex² and not enough ³Sex and the City.²

Women discuss which archetypal character they most identify with, which male character they would most like to date and which of Sarah Jessica Parker¹s shoes they are dying to buy.

Men watch the show in droves as well. Undoubtedly, they chuckle when someone
calls Chris Noth ³Mr. Big,² but they admire his magnetic charisma. Men care less about the sexual paradigm the show champions than they do about the actual sex it portrays. Ultimately, the show¹s mixture of fashion, societal commentary and raw sex has made it a pop-culture icon.

Unfortunately, the show¹s glitz masks its underlying perversity. The female
characters gain power and societal equality largely by engaging meaningless sexual encounters.
Rules of Engagement - Sandra G. Boodman
Everything about being Single
Rules of Engagement
Before Saying I Do, Many Couples Are Seeking Help in Resolving Inevitable
Conflicts -- to Better Their Odds Against Divorce
By Sandra G. Boodman
Washington Post Staff Writer
February 28, 2006; Page HE01

When Jeannine Calandra and Zachary Butterfield got engaged last year, they
decided to work on their marriage, not just their wedding.

So when the Arlington computer programmers began researching boutique hotels
in Mexico, they also signed up for a premarital education course called
PAIRS, an acronym for Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills.
They hoped the seven-month course would help them reconcile their very
different backgrounds and manage the conflicts that help torpedo more than
40 percent of first marriages.
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