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What His Dog Reveals About Him -
Everything about being Single
Written by Charlotte   

I would tend to agree with this, except that I can't see my man as a wild frat boy with a roving eye. He likes German Shepherds. I got this from Dr. Jon at and it's  an interesting read especially if you like dogs

Thinking about hooking up with a guy because he happens to be a cute man with an adorable dog? Well, think again. Far more important than a pet person and his purebred pooch, is his behavior with you.

The American Kennel Club recognizes=2 0eight groups of dogs (one is miscellaneous), but not all breeds may be a suitable match for you, nor your pick of a dog man. Relationship April Masini and Stanley Coren, Ph.D., a psychologist and author of The Intelligence of Dogs (Free Press), weigh in to enlighten us on the traits of a man and his best friend. Read on to discover how to make a dog-person love connection that will make you both happy.


Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, Collie, German Shepherd, Pembroke Welsh Corgi

  • Top Dog Traits: Herding dogs are pooches bred for herding cattle or sheep.
    These go-getter dogs are active runners, and sport a keen eye for anything that moves (like a man with a roving eye). A run-around herding dog is ideal for an on-the-go dude who is fun-loving and intelligent.
  • Man's Best Friend: Herding dogs attract a guy who is skilled at training and knows to give them work that rewards their instincts. He adores this heady, goal-oriented breed-it reflects himself. Like a herding breed, this energetic guy loves a challenge and goes after what he wants.
  • What It Means To You: Don't let his player instinct fool you. "Collie and German Shepherd owners are men with classic lifestyles and values. While they may have frat-boy mentalities that will mellow with age," says Masini. "If you want a traditional relationship, this man is for you."


    Afghan Hound, Basset Hound, Beagle, Bloodhound, Dachshund
  • Top Dog Traits: The hounds are touted for their uncanny sense of scent. The guy who is enamored by the hound dog shares the same dog-like characteristics: reliable, sturdy and tons of endurance. These hunting dogs, like their masters, are family-oriented, nurturing and good-natured.
  • Man's Best Friend: A man who owns a hound dog may be more laid back than a herding dog man. A Type A guy (i.e., fast order cook, journalist) savors this cool dog because when he comes home from work he's dog-tired and doesn't need his pet bouncing around saying "I need to play," notes Coren.
  • What It Means To You: If your guy is the kind who likes the underdog appearance of a hound, he's going to be super sweet and sympathetic," points out Masini. Love with a dog owner who has his hound for its instincts is going to be intuitive and sensitive to you.


    Bulldog, Poodle, Chow Chow, Dalmatian, Chinese Shar-Pei
  • Top Dog Traits: A man who walks and talks to his non-sporting dog is smitten by this canine's individuality. Whether it's wrinkles or spots, this dog group is noted for its standout looks, original and stubborn temperament. True-blue devotion to its master will win his heart.
  • Man's Best Friend: "Dalmatians and Poodles are dogs with distinctive personalities. They like what they like when they like it-and so do their owners," says Masini. Men who go for the non-sporting dog are saying to the world, "We march to a different drummer." His dog symbolizes his uniqueness.
  • What It Means To You: "If you are special and like going against the grain, the non-sporting dog man will make a commitment to you quicker than you can say, 'Down, boy!" says Masini. "But forget about being Top Dog. These guys are dominant and want to be in charge.


    Brittany, Irish Setter, German Shorthaired Pointer, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever
  • Top Dog Traits: An outgoing, healthy outdoorsman connects with this upbeat, smart and adaptable dog group. Pointers, retrievers, setters and spanie ls spell athletic. The sporting dog is versatile and action-oriented like his owner. These go-dogs sport a happy-go-lucky look on their faces and that is typically shared by their owner, says Coren.
  • To read the rest of the article:

    Where to find "Singled Out: Why Celibacy Must Be ReInvented in Today's Church" On-line
    Everything about being Single
    Written by Charlotte   

    It's time to take a stand on secular single culture influencing the Christian church.

    Where to find this new book on singleness and celibacy. 

      Singled Out: Why Celibacy Must Be Reinvented in Today's Church   

    Christine Colón, Bonnie Field
    Brazos Press / 2009 / Paperback

    ISBN: 1587432374 describes the book: 

    Authors Christine Colon and Bonnie Field thought that by a certain age they would each be married. But they watched that age come and go-and still no walks down the aisle.

    In Singled Out, Colon and Field reflect on their experience-and that of an increasing number of Christians-as they try to reconcile God's plan for their lives with the messages they receive about singleness from the world around them. Here, Colon and Field explore a deeper understanding of celibacy that affirms singles' decision to be sexually pure, acknowledges their struggles, and recognizes their importance in the church community.

    Thoughtful and compelling, Singled Out combines references to popular culture, theology, history, literature, and anecdotes from the authors' lives. It is an invaluable voice of realistic encouragement for any single as well as an important tool for church leaders and others concerned with mission and ministry for singles.


    Can also be found at:


    Seeds Bookstore:


    and Barnes and Noble:




    Every Older Singles' Battle Interview by Katelyn Beaty Christianity Today
    Everything about being Single
    Written by Charlotte   

    So as an previously older single, I'm not sure I totally agree with everything the authors said about their views on singleness and their book; however, it's their opinion not mine.  Their viewpoint on the difference between celibacy and abstinence is interesting, though.


    Here's the interview: 

    Does true love wait, and wait, and wait some more? Christine Colón and Bonnie Field, friends at Biola University in the '80s, did not begin to think seriously about singleness until their 30s, when they realized this marriage thing wasn't happening. Frustrated by several churches where marriage and family life were framed as spiritually optimal, both women turned to each other and to other singles for constructive ways to interpret their singleness beyond, "Just hold on, he [or she] will come along soon."

    Thankfully, the book borne of Colón and Field's experience does more than vent. Singled Out: Why Celibacy Must Be Reinvented in Today's Church (Brazos) looks at common assumptions about marriage in popular culture and the church, critiquing the latter from taking too many cues from the former. Drawing on biblical motifs and the church fathers, Colón and Field envision singleness as a witness to radical dependence on God — and to his expansive love for those outside the church. Assistant editor Katelyn Beaty spoke with Colón, who is associate professor of English at Wheaton College.

    What prompted you and Bonnie to write Singled Out?

    The two of us have been friends since college. As we went on with our lives and earned degrees, we had long conversations about our frustrations of being single in the evangelical church. So we started to look for good advice for older singles, because much discussion about abstinence [is for] high schoolers and college age people. But once you're out of college, once you are working, there really wasn't much of a discussion.

    Much of the discussion around singleness is, "Just have enough faith, and God will provide a spouse." And we started to worry about what that says about God. This idea of, wait a second, God hasn't provided a spouse. What does that mean? Does that mean I'm not a good Christian? Does that mean God is not faithful? When you start going there, that's dangerous. So we started to look for a better discussion.

    What are the sociological factors leading to so many Christians, particularly women, remaining single?

    One factor is that we just have more singles in the U.S. The most recent statistic is from 2006, which says 46 percent of Americans are single. There's just not the assumption that you will marry, you will marry young, and you will stay in that one marriage for life. But many churches have reacted to this by focusing on the nuclear family, and because of that, a lot of singles are uncomfortable in the church.

    There have also been discussions about the feminization of Christianity, and how men don't feel comfortable in the church. So when you have those factors working together, from our experiences and our friends' experiences, single women in churches look around and are not finding anyone. The other dilemma is "marrying down" — what does it mean to marry someone who isn't as spiritually mature? That is a dilemma for many single Christian women.

    I don't want it to sound like we are ragging on all the single men in the church. Yes, there's a problem of immaturity in the church, for men and women, but a lot of writers say, "It's the men's fault, and if they would step up and do their job, we wouldn't have this problem." And it's far more complex than that. I feel for men in the church who say, "I also have reasons why I'm single, and it's not because I stay home and play video games all the time."

    Might part of the problem be that Christians are being too picky?

    to read the rest of the article:


    Girlfriends' Guide To OMG
    Everything about being Single
    Written by Charlotte   

    Hot pink seems to be the rage for ladies over well, old enough to consider this...


    "So when I noticed last winter that a person (this person) does not only get gray hair on her curtains, but that sooner or later it's bound to show up on her carpet (like nearly a decade later!), I did what any fastidious woman would do--I consulted my Girlfriends. ...."

    Not to leave out the men

    "For today, I'm just going to end this blog by saying one thing; the proprietor of one of these grooming salons mentioned that women are bringing their men in more and more for..."


    Well you read the story and get the rest ( Huffington Post  - Vicki lovine ) 

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