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Episcopal Singles

Top Ten Drugs you dont want your date to have.
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Steer clear of dates with these meds in their cabinets

1. Valtrex - Unless you want a permanent reminder of your love... stay away from dates with herpes medication in their cabinet.

2. Trazodone - You wont want to go out in public with a date who suffers from repetitive screaming, essential tremor, and agoraphobia.

3. Haldol - Acute and chronic psychosis schizophrenia, and manic states...enough said.
Pancake Procession Ritual Notes
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Encountering a Pancake Restaurant:

In certain neighbourhoods, the solemn pancake procession will of necessity pass by a restaurant whose speciality is pancakes, flapjacks, or crepes. Extraordinary means are not to be taken to avoid this situation, unless a detour would add dignity and not unreasonable length to the route. Traditional ceremonies are to be observed while passing before such an establishment.

When the restaurant is sighted by the verger, he shall signal to the acolyte, who shall ring the bell thrice. The procession shall continue, but the serving of pancakes shall cease until the restaurant has been passed by. On hearing the bell, the clergy and lay ministers in procession shall turn their heads so as to face the establishment directly whilst they continue forward. Upon a single stroke of the bell, all shall stop and turn to face the restaurant. The sacred ministers shall remove their birettas, taking care not to drop the syrup pitcher as they do so. The lay ministers shall take the birettas and pitcher. The sacred ministers shall then double-genuflect, first bringing the right knee to the ground and then the left knee to join the right one on the ground. All others shall bow low. The celebrant shall chant the collect for Shrove Tuesday. This completed, all shall rise, and the celebrant shall cover and resume the pitcher. A single stroke of the bell shall signal the resumption of the procession.
Episcopal Air Lines - a little Episcopal Humor
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Episcopal Air Lines
— where every seat is a FIRST CLASS seat!
Christmas Songs for the Disturbed
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Hark the Herald Angels sing about me - Narcissistic

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